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Welcome to my humble Video Archive dedicated to the lovely and talented Mary McCormack...

Sadly, Mary is not (yet) the kind of celebs you see everywhere in the media, so don't expect this archive to grow too rapidly. But I'm an accomplished Google userand I will probably add a rarity from time to time.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mega update!!

Okay, things are happening way too fast for me to keep up, even with my newly (but surely not sufficiently) quickened update pace!

Obviously with the show just starting, and the Tonys coming up, there's been quite a lot of interviews since my last post.

> So, without further ado, let's hear it from Madame McCormack, in a whole new slew
of grand Interviews section:

  • "Official" Tonys 'Meet the nominees' interview

  • 4 more IPS Press Kit segments

  • May 27 - Today

  • May 28 - KRQE

  • June 3 - CBS Tony nominees interview

  • June 4 - The View

  • June 5 - CW11 News

> Plus, some more 'In Plain Sight' promotion, in the Miscellaneous section:

  • 3 more IPS ads

  • 3 more IPS previews

> Finally, I just got my hands on a little nugget of fun (for ye who can stand it): Mary on Howard Stern, June 5... Not the usual radio show, but the TV On Demand video version, children! (Thaaaaanks Stevie!!!) I'll put the whole segment up later this week.

Enjoy and don't forget to tune in for the Tony Awards ceremony, tomorrow night on CBS... Oh, and if someone could send me clips of, well, whatever happens, that'd be... 'loverly'!

Break a leg, Mary!

[Just in!] Another Tivo alert: set it up for USA starting at 9/8c, to see Mary guest-starring in 'Law & Order: CI'. Followed by a brand new episode of 'In Plain Sight'.


In the meantime, if you have any clip you'd like to share, please write me at MaryVideo[nospam]@[nospam], all submissions are more than welcome!

Looking for news, pictures, bio etc...? Visit Matt's website: There's Something About Mary

Also Visit Jeremy's Blog where he wrote a nice article about Mary: Moon in the Gutter

Monday, May 25, 2008

Road to the Tonys...

Well, well. D-Day minus 7 and it seems Mary is out talking more about the play than about 'In Plain Sight'... which is fine with me because I love the theatre, and I know just the places to watch for interviews and goodies.

So let's start the Road to the Tonys with a couple of interviews I caught this week:

  • Mary on Playbill Radio

  • A little video of the Boeing-Boeing Opening Night Party

  • Mary's appearance on Conan O'Brien last Monday.

It's all there for you in the Interviews section!

More to come very VERY soon, and don't forget to tune in Sunday to watch the premiere of 'In Plain Sight' on USA.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boeing-Boeing gets Mary a Tony award nomination!

So, my home computer crashed...
... And I don't have an internet connection any more...
... Oh, and I have this urgent document to finish and mail to the client tonight... So???
Nothing could prevent me from relaying this piece of news!

It's just in: Mary is getting more than great reviews for her role on Broadway in 'Boeing-Boeing', she's getting a nomination to the prestigious Tony awards!

Finally some recognition, and from the theatre world, no less! Not to mention the fact it is for a comic role, which Mary always said she'd like to do more...

Congratulations Mary!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

D-Day minus 28!

So now it's starting June 1st (at some point they'll *have* to just pick a date and to stand by it, right?)
Which means that hopefully there will be some promotion going on in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned...

In the meantime, some great new trailers and previews in the Miscellaneous section.

Also, a nice little press kit interview found on USA, fun to watch.

So everybody tune in to watch 'In Plain Sight' on USA... April 28!  June 8...?

      ...June 1st - and that's my last word! ...please?!

Oh, and you lucky New-Yorkers, don't forget to check out Mary on Broadway in Boeing-Boeing right now, she's getting great reviews and it's supposed to be a hoot!

Starring former West-Wing co-star Brad Whitford, hottie Gina Gershon, and Tony-winner Christine Baranski.
Opening tonight!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We're there, people, we're finally there! The 'elusive' starting date of Mary's new show, her very first leading role is... well, "coming soon".

So, okay it's not a definitive, *yet*, but it's coming this time, USA said so!

It looks funny, it looks cool, it looks action-packed, it looks... sexy!
And you can see the very first trailer right here, in the Miscellaneous section!

So everybody tune in to watch 'In Plain Sight' on USA... April 28!    Now starting: June 8 (Boooo USA!)

Sunday, July 29th, 2007


With the release of 1408, I was happy to find a slew of Mary interviews to promote the movie, which you will find, obviously, in the Interviews section!

A couple of news too, even though that's not the purpose of my site. First, Mary gave birth to her second daughter, on May 15. Belated congrats to her.

Also, her USA show "In Plain Sight" is finally scheduled to start in September! So that hopefully means there will be new stuff for me to put up soon...

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